I graduated from England with a degree in graphic design. In 2012, after ending my job as a radio presenter, I started my new career as a newborn baby photographer. I have worked with over 2000 babies in past 10 years as well as teaching many newborn photography workshops. I enjoy working with newborns. For some reason, I feel as if I could connect with them on another level. I can remember the detail of every photoshoot I’ve had. There is nothing quite like seeing the joy parents when they received the photos.

I also take pictures of baby’s first 48 hours while the family is still in the hospital. I think it is a very important milestone for both mom and baby. That occasion is not only about pain, but a labor of love that produces a brand new life.

I am very proud of my work and hope to meet you soon!.

Lastly, a big thanks to my kids who have inspired me in the first place.

Featured on People Magazine 2021

RISE International Photo Awards Bronze Award 2019

PPAC International Photo Awards 2nd place Silver award 2018

Nana Newborn Photography

Studio Location: Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Text message: +1(626)7270363

Facebook/Instagram: nananewbornphotography